Čachtice Castle Hill

Čachtice Castle Hill is a National Protected Nature Area in the Small Carpathians. It was given this status in 1964 (with an amendment in 1993) with an area of 57,17 hectares without the protection zone. The northern parts of the mountains with Čachtice Castle Hill and the ruins of the Cachtcice Castle building are subject to protection within the National Protected Nature Area. The geological base of the area is dated to the Mesozoic era and surface and subterranean Karst forms occur here. We find rare vegetation too, typical of combined areas of forest and steppe, including Mediterranean and thermopile species. Rare species of insects live here too. The National Protected Nature Area is part of the Protected Countryside Area of the small Carpathian Mountains. The National Protected Nature Area is regulated by the 4th degree of natural protection which is the second strictest category.

The area is today covered by secondary ecosystems of thermopile vegetation of varied composition. Coronilla latifolia grows only here in Slovakia. Then we can also find here Stipa joannis, Jurinea mollis, Linum austriacum and several other rare species of plants. Amongst the fauna here we have many thermopile species, some of them rare and protected. Of the insects attention can be drawn to Semannotus russicus [Long Horned Beetle], which develops in old juniper trees, which are to be found in abundance in the foothills. We also find here Saga pedo [Wingless Bush Cricket], Mantis religiosa [Praying Mantis], Papilio machaon [Swallowtail Butterfly] and other insects. Similarly the location provides good habitat for vertebrates. Species which remained here from the interglacial periods or warm periods of the post-glacial era live here, having accommodated themselves to the secondary forest-steppe area.


Predpis: Rozhodnutie Komisie SNR pre ŠaK z 21. augusta 1964 č. 30, úprava č. 58906/1964-osv./6 publikovaná pod č. ŠaK 13621/1964-osv. (Vestník MŠaK, zošit 1 z 10. 1. 1965)
Rozloha: 13,7326 ha (ochranné pásmo 27,1046 ha)
Poloha: okres Nové Mesto nad Váhom
Katastrálne územie: Čachtice, Višňové

Čachtice karst

Čachtice karst is a system consisting of 12 caves in the Massif of the Drapliak Hill which reaches considerable length and consists of beautifully decorated. caves which are accessible only with guides – speleologists. Čachtice cave was discovered in 1956 and consequently another 1300 meters were discovered. The cave is embellished by rich stalagmite – stalactite decoration. More than 3000 meters of corridors were discovered until now.